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We use an inclusive definition of “woman” where trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are female-identified are welcome in the Lab.

"Airial's leadership lab provided an extremely safe and inclusive environment that allowed diverse connection and insights with other women. She has a tremendous amount of resources, energy, and love that many would benefit from." - Jillian Capdevielle, 2017 Lab Member

Effective Support for Women Leaders


Each lab is 2.5 hours and is structured as follows:

The first half of the lab will be a group discussion based on material we have found to be supportive as leaders in many different communities and capacities. The materials may be an article, a podcast, a book. Everything we bring to the Lab will be intersectional, anti-racist and anti-misogynist. There will be exercises for sharing and learning about the other women in the group. Our goal is to not replicate any of the other trainings we've seen that are geared toward women where it’s grossly sexist, overtly tied to capitalist exploitation and unconscious of both privilege and racism.

The second half, I will work with individual women in front of the group on a current leadership challenge or opportunity they are experiencing in their lives. We will use the group’s intelligence to workshop it together. We will support woman though experiences of misogyny, internalized sexism, agism, racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, classism and social conditioning that expects women to always put other people’s needs, opinions and desires before her own.

"Airial’s Leadership Lab taught me to own my capacity to lead, gave me the chance to practice my leadership skills and connected me to powerful females. Working with her has been insightful and inspiring!"  - Nasiem Sanjideh, 2017 Lab Member

Group Coaching Program

In addition to the labs, there is the group coaching program. In between labs, there will be homework assignments you'll work on together. These assignments are meant for each women to gain a deeper understanding of her own leadership experiences and goals. Each month you'll choose an accountability/check in person to form a dynamic duo. Also included in the group coaching program is a monthly one-on-one session. Each participant will have a chance to get this type of focussed attention. This can be a strategic support session to work on a strength or take on a challenge. It can also be a counseling session to identify limiting beliefs or work on internalized sexism.

Online Office Hours

We have a private facebook group for women to stay in connection with lab members and share resources. This space is where mutual support can happen as desired. On the weeks we don't meet,  I will be available online for 2 hours for office hours. This is an opportunity to ask questions, report on projects or have a soundboard for what's up for you in regards to leadership. 

Together, we will practice both receiving and being the kind of leadership we want to see in the world.


"I highly recommend this opportunity to meet women and friends who want to learn more about themselves and how they lead in their lives. We can all get clearer and sharper about what we need to be able to be more comfortable leading." - Emily Smith, 2017 Lab Member


"I realized the fundamental importance of having a regular support group with women that are consciously choosing to show up to live purpose-driven lives.

I learned the importance of redefining leadership to encompass my core competencies that I have tended to overlook. I am now choosing to create a soul-satisfying lifestyle because I deeply understand what I am capable of. The byproduct of understanding my competencies is having the personal choice to consciously choose what I want to do with my power.

I have created a mindful practice of choosing to see opportunities for collaboration rather than competition with other women. There is so much power in leading with other women by our side. I thank Airial for inviting me to dismantle my own conditioning and to step into a collaboration mindset. This is how we, women, will rise up together.

Beware: If you choose to join Airial’s Leadership Lab you will surely be witnessed and acknowledged as authentic and powerful, capable, and supported by a community of women." - Maja Jerkic, Coach