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How to Be a Woman and Not Give a Fuck, Oklahoma City!

  • CityPres OKC 829 Northwest 13th Street Oklahoma City, OK, 73106 United States (map)

I'm collaborating with the amazing Sheri Guyse of Big Bravely Coaching to bring How to Be A Woman and Not Give A F*ck workshop to Oklahoma City. This is a one day engagement!

The focus of this workshop is to not give a fuck about what the patriarchy/capitalism/white supremacy/heteronormativity expects women to give a fuck about.

This totally varies and is unique to every women, but some examples are: competing with other women, being obsessed with my appearance, supporting white supremacy, acquiescing to capitalism, staying silent about sexual assault, sexual harassment and gender bias, protecting abusers and disempowering other women. Not giving a fuck about those conditioned aspects of being a woman creates the space for us to give way more fucks about the things we actually want to give a fuck about.

Also, giving our all, ALL THE FUCKING TIME leads to burn out. Part of being a woman and not giving a fuck is prioritizing self care. I'm going to rest when I need to and IDGAF about gendered expectations that say I should be self-sacrificing and self-abandoning in order to feel worthy of care.

I have found moving through the world as a woman and not giving a fuck about what patriarchal authority figures think, what oppressive social norms expect, and doing the work to de-condition my own internalized misogyny has made a huge impact that I'm into sharing with other women.

There's a way we can as women, reclaim our inner authority from the outside world. Decide for ourselves how and when we want to engage with the needs, opinions and desires of other people (especially the people who seem to think they know our experience better than we do.) We start by not giving a f*ck.

Topics we will cover:

*Preventing Compassion Fatigue
*Identifying Invisible Labor
*Avoiding Burnout in Your Profession
*Reinforcing Your Right to Set Boundaries
*Effectively Countering Gaslighting
*Building Intersectional Solidarity

This 2.5 hour workshop will be immersive, dynamic and experiential where women will try out many different ways to start giving less f*cks and living more life.

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