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How to Be a Woman and Not Give a a Fuck East Bay

  • East Bay Community Space 507 55th Street Oakland, CA, 94609 United States (map)

Being a woman comes with so many pressures to give all the fucks, all the time.

We are socially conditioned to put other people first: their needs, their opinions, their desires. What would it be like to be women who don't give a fuck about any of that?

Spend an evening with Airial Clark, MA; parent, unapologetic badass, business-owner and an expert in not giving a fuck.

This dynamic 2 hour workshop will be experiential where participants try out many different ways to practice being a woman and not giving a fuck. We will celebrate each woman and offer real time support in letting go of the bullshit. Every woman needs the opportunity to exist unapologetically.

We use an inclusive definition of “woman” where trans women, genderqueer and non-binary femmes, and folks who are femme of center are welcome.

There's a way we can as women, reclaim our inner authority from the outside world. Decide for ourselves how and when we want to engage with the needs, opinions and desires of other people. Especially the people who seem to think they know our experience better than we do.