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Compassion Fatigue in Women's Leadership

  • East Bay Community Space 507 55th Street Oakland, CA, 94609 United States (map)

Compassion Fatigue is setting in y'all. 

When the personal is political, social AND professional you know you're going to get tired. More women need to be in leadership roles because we are already attuned to the abuses and injustices that pass as the status quo. We're passionate about our work, committed to our communities, and devoted to our relationships all while facing injustice in all of those facets of our lives. 

And for women with marginalized identities... if you're a survivor of sexual assault educating on consent, if you're a Queer woman with a work role directly confronting homophobia, if you're a Woman of Color teaching anti-racism, if you're a Transwoman or Non-Binary person involved in identifying and fighting transphobia in the workplace, if you're ALL of the ABOVE, there's a really good chance that you're experiencing compound stress responses in addition to just "doing your job."

In this workshop on compassion fatigue and women's leadership we'll be focussed on two objectives

1. How to identify what compassion fatigue looks like for individual women, including ourselves.

2. Developing resources and effective support strategies as part of women's leadership development.

Compassion and empathy are beautiful parts of human nature. And concern and action come with a cost. The emotional toll of fighting the status quo of racism, violence, hatred, and discrimination will show up as emotional exhaustion, somatic disturbance, and traumatic responses if we are not effectively supported and practicing self-care. 

Let's figure it out together. Just coming to the workshop is already a supportive intervention you're taking on your own behalf. Spending an evening with a group of women who want you to be held and cared for while you succeed in life... is fucking amazing. I'm just saying. 

This workshop is a support group for women. In saying women we use an inclusive definition of “woman” where trans women, genderqueer and non-binary femmes, and folks who are femme of center are welcome.

The cost of the workshop is $40. Please buy your tickets in advance to help us know how many women to expect. And yes you can also pay at the door. Need based scholarships are available, please ask!