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Invisible Labor & Men's Entitlement in the Workplace

  • East Bay Community Space 507 55th Street Oakland, CA, 94609 United States (map)

Invisible Labor, this is some insidious shit.

Are you the office mom? The team big sister? Is your inbox the confessional? Are you the "people" person in your company? When co-workers have questions, do they seek you out since you're always so available to help? Are you tracking everyone's emotional experience while you're working... and since you're the only one seeing it, do you then feel responsible for that experience? If there's an unhappy client, vendor or partner are you the one sent in to smooth things over? It's these kinds of emotional tasks that make up the invisible labor in the workplace. 

Woman, I hope you're getting paid for all that labor you're doing.

And I get it, really. If you don't take care of these emotional needs, then who will? The issues will still be there, but then nobody will attend to them. And then that will suck for you. It's better just to do what needs to be done even if it takes a toll on you. Right? 

Maybe. As women, we are very aware that the emotional burden we carry is tied to our value in the workplace.

In this Women's Leadership Workshop on Invisible Labor and Men's Entitlement in the workplace, we're going to be asking and answering these questions:

1. Do we know how to recognize the invisible labor we're engaged in? 
2. Are we able to name and describe the toll invisible labor has on us?
3. How can we be more in choice about the labor we do?
4. What can we do to make the invisible known and not feel responsible?

We're going to thoroughly unpack and externalize that particular form of sexism. And then we'll get into men's entitlement. Just because men assume we're 'naturally better' at something they don't want to do, doesn't mean we are. 

Let's figure it out together. Just coming to the workshop is already a supportive intervention you're taking on your own behalf. Spending an evening with a group of women who want you to be held and cared for while you succeed in life... is fucking amazing. I'm just saying. 

This workshop is a support group for women. We use an inclusive definition of “woman” where trans women, genderqueer and non-binary femmes, and folks who are femme of center are welcome.

The cost of the workshop is $40. Please buy your tickets in advance to help us know how many women to expect. And yes you can also pay at the door. Need based scholarships are available, please ask!