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How To Be A Woman and Not Give A Fuck Group Launch

The online coaching program is here. This is your opportunity to be a part of an online community of women that are committed to your happiness and success. You don't want to give all the fucks all the time, and they don't want you to either.  Together we create the community we want. 

Not giving a fuck means you are able to choose when and what fucks you give. It means rejecting sexism. It means rejecting racism. It means we don't wear ourselves the fuck out trying to please other people. We achieve balance. And we don't have to do it alone. In this online program you will be supported in gaining or maintaining a level of self confidence that every woman deserves. You will be seen and celebrated for your skills and abilities. 

"Learning how to ‘Not to Give a Fuck’ was surprisingly fun. I enjoyed being around other women at play, not knowing what the hell we were doing, but really excited to engage with one another. It was really easy going, which I liked. The resources I received along with the homework was helpful to start my journey to really not give a fuck, something that really needs to happen." - Boravy N.

Women need women. It's just real. We cut through the bullshit better and faster when we have a crew to practice with and cheer us on. Not giving a fuck means you own your actions to the fullest extent. You're YOU and you are badass.

In the online cohort you're receiving 3 months of:

  • 24/7 access to a secret facebook group just for women who don't give a fuck.

  • Curated multimedia resources to inspire and support you on your journey to giving less fucks.

  • Weekly emails with journal prompts and don't give a fuck experiments.

  • Bi-weekly online office hours with Airial or Mica to bring your “do I give a fuck or not?” questions in real-time.

  • Monthly 90-minute fully interactive online workshop.

  • 20% discounted individual sessions with Airial or Mica.

"Working with Airial has truly revolutionized the way I show up to hold empathy for myself and others. I no longer feel the need to rationalize anyones bad behavior or take someones disrespect personally. Knowing how to not give a fuck has empowered me to show up as more of who I truly am and drop the conditioned roles that the world tells me I should be. Bringing women together to teach them how to support each other and themselves in this process, is healing an old and ugly wound. Thank you Airial for being such a courageous role model by standing up to oppression, taking the power back and teaching others to do the same!" - Elyza Rae

Cost: 99$ a month or a one-time payment of $268 (includes a 10% discount.)

The online cohort opens on February 14th and runs through May 14th. Once the cohort opens, no new people will be added. Once everyone is enrolled, we will do a doodle poll to find the best time for the first online workshop. All online workshops will be recorded and available for members in case you have to miss one. Online office hours will be held on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm PST. 

“Airial means business. She may not give a lot of fucks, but she will care a lot about you! Airial creates a space that’s inclusive, supportive, and sensitive to each group member’s needs. I am grateful this program exists in the Bay Area, especially right now! ”

— Lisah B. 



"When I work with Airial, the box that I've constructed or myself out of fear becomes visible. For a minute I can see the glowing cage my mind has formed out of self doubt and insecurity, and on the other side is Airial - encouraging me to step out of my self-imposed cage and see the world more clearly. Working with airial means having her ferocity, compassion, and no bullshit attitude in your corner to help you be as big as you are meant to be." - Tessa Levine