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Being a woman comes with so many pressures to give all the fucks, all the time.


While the expectations of what women are supposed to give a fuck about are universal, what each woman actually wants to give a fuck about is unique.


Every woman deserves the freedom to give less fucks.


Women are socially conditioned to put other people first: others needs, others opinions, others desires.  I believe that any definition of “woman” includes  trans women, genderqueer, non-binary femmes, and folks who are femme of center. Women are constantly threatened by gender bias, sexual harassment, sexism, violence, and economic inequality.


AND THEN... When we express dissatisfaction with the status quo, we're told that we have a personal issue—as if we’re responsible for harm being inflicted upon us. If we just cared a little more, if we were just a little more confident, if we were just a little more accommodating, none of these bad things would happen, right?




Gender bias and discrimination are NOT psychological dysfunctions of the women experiencing them. Misogyny and sexual harassment are sociological phenomena, not psychological, and therefore require a sociological solution. 


Women not giving a fuck means we decide what to care about. We decide what our priorities are. It means we can be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally free to live our lives as we choose. Women not giving a fuck means we are unapologetic for being women.


Great, but... How?


No more molding ourselves into the dysfunctional and limited roles expected of us. No more "self-help" that preys on women's vulnerabilities or capitalizes on unhealthy status quo boundaries.


How to Be A Woman & Not Give A Fuck workshops are now being scheduled all over North America.

Since the first workshop on October 17, 2017 in San Francisco, over 2000 women in 13 cities and 2 countries have participated in the workshop. The positive impact on their lives has been immediate and sustainable.

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These workshops support women in confronting the often times invisible forces of oppression that constrain our choices and identities — and then together we reclaim our power by saying, "Nope, I'm not giving that bullshit even one more fuck. I have no fucks to give." There's nothing quite like being in a room full of women not giving a fuck.


In every How to Be A Woman & Not Give A Fuck workshop we focus on:

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Invisible Labor 

  • Burnout

  • Boundaries

  • Gaslighting

  • Building Intersectional Solidarity



The impact of just one workshop? We start to not give a fuck about the status quo. There's no shame in acknowledging our limitations and using self acceptance to strengthen our resolve. Do this for you, be a woman who doesn’t give a fuck.


Post-workshop recap:


What women are saying...


"Learning how ‘Not to Give a Fuck’ was surprisingly fun. I enjoyed being around other women at play, not knowing what the hell we were doing, but really excited to engage with one another. It was really easy going, which I liked. The resources I received along with the homework was helpful to start my journey to really not give a fuck, something that really needs to happen." - Boravy N.


"Working with Airial has truly revolutionized the way I show up to hold empathy for myself and others. I no longer feel the need to rationalize anyones bad behavior or take someones disrespect personally. Knowing how to not give a fuck has empowered me to show up as more of who I truly am and drop the conditioned roles that the world tells me I should be. Bringing women together to teach them how to support each other and themselves in this process, is healing an old and ugly wound. Thank you Airial for being such a courageous role model by standing up to oppression, taking the power back and teaching others to do the same!" - Elyza Rae


“Airial means business. She may not give a lot of fucks, but she will care a lot about you! Airial creates a space that’s inclusive, supportive, and sensitive to each group member’s needs. I am grateful this exists, especially right now! ” — Lisah B.

I realized the fundamental importance of having a regular support group with women that are consciously choosing to show up to live purpose-driven lives. I learned the importance of redefining leadership to encompass my core competencies that I have tended to overlook. I am now choosing to create a soul-satisfying lifestyle because I deeply understand what I am capable of. The byproduct of understanding my competencies is having the personal choice to consciously choose what I want to do with my power. I have created a mindful practice of choosing to see opportunities for collaboration rather than competition with other women. There is so much power in leading with other women by our side. I thank Airial for inviting me to dismantle my own conditioning and to step into a collaboration mindset. This is how we, women, will rise up together.
— Maja Jerkic
Airial is a bad ass stand for women who has helped me to access my inner power and repeatedly taught me about what it means to truly honor myself as a woman in today’s world. She has a huge heart, a deep wisdom and a fierce dedication to women’s empowerment. You absolutely want Airial on your side.
— Jessica Libbey

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1-on-1 Coaching

Maybe you've been to a How To Be A Woman & Not Give A Fuck workshop and now you're wanting to work with me on an individual basis to dig deep into your process. Or you just know you're ready to give less fucks and you need some strategic support sessions with a pro to get your fuck-it basket in order.

We can work together on a bi-weekly schedule to get you where you want to be in 6 months. Knowing the fucks you want to give and being confident in not giving a fuck if you don't want to. 

I always provide a free 20-minute consultation before taking on a new coaching client. Here's my calendar, let's talk!