The How To Be A Woman and Not Give A Fuck Adventure Crew


Have you wanted a crew of badass women to socialize with, but do not have the time to coordinate all the things that would take?


Do you want to have a shared philosophy and transformational intention while socializing?


Do you want to go out but not have it be about dating?


Do you want to practice not giving a fuck with other women on the same give less fucks, live more life trajectory?


Great, cuz I’ve just created that for you.

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You are officially invited to the How to be a Woman and not Give a Fuck Adventure Crew

Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice 2018

Not giving a fuck means we are able to choose when and what fucks we give. It means rejecting sexism. It means rejecting racism. It means we don't wear ourselves the fuck out trying to please other people.

We achieve balance. And we have way more fun.

And we don't have to do it alone. From Solstice to Solstice, I’m putting together a crew and an intinirary for women in the Bay Area to get offline and get together. 

Women need each other. It's just real. We cut through the bullshit faster when we have a crew to practice with and cheer us on. More collaborating, more joy. Not giving a fuck means you own your actions to the fullest extent. You're YOU and you are badass.

6 Months of Sustained Support  

Every month you'll get an online integration retreat. 90-mins to check-in with each other, share what's good and celebrate us.


For the next 6 months, from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, we will create a world of women playing and collaborating to create more joy, fun and resiliency to all of the shit that wants to keep us down. We will explore women-focussed events, women-owned businesses and roll deep into the spaces where women want to go.


We begin with a bonfire ritual on the Summer Solstice, June 21st, joining together in solidarity to burn the fucks we no longer wish to give and set our intention as crew for the next 6 months. 



Then each month we go on 2 totally different Bay Area adventures. We will always meet on the third Thursday evening and the last Saturday of the month.

What are our adventures?

Everything from roller disco to performing stand up comedy to a boxing class to poetry slams.

We will go on a night hike, try out welding, take over karaoke, smash some plates and make new art... it will be unapologetically fun and well organized.


I have curated this adventure itinerary based on my years of living in the Bay Area and my network of badass women. I know women who already don't give a fuck, this is your way to meet them too. Artists, healers, entrepreneurs, teachers, performers, writers, leaders who make the Bay Area awesome. 


Plus, I'll be in your inbox. I send the Adventure Crew bi-weekly emails with How To Be A Woman and Not Give A Fuck Journal Prompts and I Don’t Give A Fuck Experiments delivered directly to you.

When I work with Airial, the box that I’ve constructed or myself out of fear becomes visible. For a minute I can see the glowing cage my mind has formed out of self doubt and insecurity, and on the other side is Airial - encouraging me to step out of my self-imposed cage and see the world more clearly. Working with Airial means having her ferocity, compassion, and no bullshit attitude in your corner to help you be as big as you are meant to be.
— Tessa Levine

You will get my recommended reading list of the most recent, intersectional, anti-racist and anti-misogynist texts. And my podcast reviews that will educate and entertain you on your don't give a fuck journey.