Love is a combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust.
— bell hooks

Who are you ready to be?

What are you ready to do?


I’m always happy to help. We have to be attuned to our highest values in order to live our best lives. Doing the work we love, showing up in our relationships, getting shit done, requires clarity and support. I’m irreverent, it’s true, but that’s because being a human is hilarious. We will laugh and learn together, I promise.

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  • I’m here to support you with energizing, engaging, blast through the bullshit, strategy sessions where you come in with a question and leave with a plan in place.

  • I offer effective support in reaching your personal growth goals. If you’re ready to finally break through the one thing that’s been holding you back, I’m ready to help you through it.

  • Sometimes you need a full court press plan of action where missing resources are identified, skills are built, fears are faced, and we work together for a set amount of time to make sure whatever needs to happen, happens.

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My goal with coaching is always empowerment. We all need guides, mirrors and thought-partners. Something I coach a lot of leaders on is social attunement and accurate empathy. Also, how to manage necessary change in your life, in your work. Ways to create shift to more equity, more care and more effective communication usually begin inside ourselves first.

Coaching, to me, is a temporary arrangement of strategic support. I will never push a timeframe on you. We will always create reasonable and transparent coaching objectives and goals. This is a collaboration!

You are already whole, complete and on your path. I'm here to offer my skills, insights and enthusiasm for where ever you're at on your great adventure.   


Coaching Offers


Coaching Client Testimonials

When I work with Airial, the box that I’ve constructed for myself out of fear becomes visible. For a minute, I can see the glowing cage my mind has formed out of self-doubt and insecurity, and on the other side is Airial - encouraging me to step out of my self-imposed cage and see the world more clearly. Working with Airial means having her ferocity, compassion, and no-bullshit attitude in your corner to help you be as big as you are meant to be.
— Tessa Levine, Community and Digital Organizer
Airial has such a keen intuition and range of experience. She is perceptive and will give attention to things in the right way, seeing beyond your story. This also comes with love and support in the most strong and useful ways. User beware, you will feel real things, and only engage if you want to and are ready to change and become more powerful. There is no half-assed measures here.
— Jefferson Fellows, Social Services Manager
Airial is *amazing*. She is the embodiment of strength and vulnerability. In coaching sessions she’s direct, clear, empathetic and holds space for the full realms of being human. She’s lovingly and firmly pushed me to show up more fully as myself, in fuller transparency and more direct honest communication. I love working with her, and can’t wait to work with her again.
— Tony Liphjart, UX Designer
Airial is a powerhouse of solid purpose, righteous integrity and intense drive in her personal life and in her professional life. I have had the pleasure of interacting with her in both realms and I have always felt grounded and supported by her care and her deep woman wisdom.
— Julie Barr, Program Manager, Professor, Therapist
Airial is a crescendo that sweeps you along with care and in harmony. If you are trying to harness momentum, focus and drive in an effort to apply those attributes to your business, Airial’s enthusiasm and ability to dissect a task into manageable steps are grace notes for you. Airial helps you find the down beat of your rhythm and often is able to show you where the syncopation should be as well!
Airial has helped me overcome many blocks to specific business tasks that I thought I would never accomplish.
I highly recommend Airial Clark.
— Makana Grant, Coach
Airial is a bad ass stand for women who has helped me to access my inner power and repeatedly taught me about what it means to truly honor myself as a woman in today’s world. She has a huge heart, a deep wisdom and a fierce dedication to women’s empowerment. You absolutely want Airial on your side.
— Jessica Libbey, Bashful to Bold Coach