Tracee Ellis Ross on the wisdom in women's fury

“Women have been trained to think that we are overreacting or that we’re being too sensitive or unreasonable,” she continued. “We try to make sense of nonsense, and we swallow the furious feelings. We try to put them into some hidden place in our minds, but they don’t go away. That fury sits deep inside as we practice our smiles ... and try to be pleasant ... because apparently, women aren’t supposed to get angry.”

Denise Jolly and I talk codependency and not giving a f*ck.

Call and response video. I talk about a RoleReboot article on sexism, gender, codependency and giving all your fucks. Denise Jolly adds her perspective and a fuck she's being mindful of no longer giving. 

Here's the article:

Maureen Benson on SPARK Seat

SPARK Seat with Maureen Benson: A conversation about education, bias, what makes "breaking news", and why it takes courageous leadership to disrupt the status quo. This interview shows the power of dismantling power structures, interrogating times we feel like we don't have choice and how to look at media with an intersectional lens.