2000 women, 13 cities, 2 countries and counting!

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The Freedom to Not Give A Fuck tour started in June with the first ever How To Be A Woman and Not Give a Fuck workshop held outside of the Bay Area in Oklahoma City! We held the workshop in a church, City Pres. Which was totally unexpected and yet, awesome. Teaching the fuck-it dance in a church was on my bucket list and I didn't even know it til it was happening. Brining my content to the Midwest and having it resonate so deeply with the women who participating was validating AF. Seriously. The group of women who met at the workshop that day have kept in touch and are still supporting each other in giving less fucks and living more life. 

And then I went to Portland, OR to be hosted by the amazing crew of women at The Perlene, a social club for ambitious women. It was a packed house of women so ready to not give a fuck. We spent a good chunk of time on the boundaries exercise where women work in pairs to figure out what feels good in regards to personal space. The work I do with boundaries is a little different than most people who are teaching boundaries on a somatic level. I focus more on what feels relaxed for you as opposed to what feels uncomfortable for you. We feel uncomfortable enough as it is. Fuck. My boundaries exercise is NOT a re-traumatization experiment. I was also able to visit with friends and colleagues who call the PNW home. It was both a reunion and a reunification of amazingness.  

My next stop was Ontario Canada.

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Yes, the tour went international! I was hosted by 2 shops in 2 cities: Venus Envy in Ottawa and Good For Her in Toronto. I was able to teach How To Be A Woman and Not Give A Fuck along with my Sex-Positive Parenting class. I haven't taught Sex-Positive Parenting for a few years, but given what's happening with Ontario's sex ed curriculum, both shop owners (who are awesome humans!) felt it was an important resource to offer their communities. And it was great to have participants come to both nights. I didn't realize how much the material of one of the workshops supports the purpose of the other. To be a sex-positive parent, there are a lot of fucks to sift through and find the ones that actually matter to you and your family. Next on the tour, and the final stop for this leg, is Chicago! I'm so excited to bring the workshop to this community of bad-ass women. I'm collaborating with a woman of color who is immersed in holistic healing and social welfare. She is dedicated to bringing more tools for self-care to the community of caregivers she belongs to. I'm also looking forward to meeting up with friends and professional acquaintances who live in Chicago that I've only been able to interact with via social media for years.

What comes next?

August I'm staying home as I need to get quite a bit of writing done. Taking the time to debrief with myself and write out all my experiences is crucial. That How To Be A Woman and Not Give a Fuck has reached over 2000 women in 13 cities and 2 countries totally amazes me.

My tentative plan is to start touring again in October, starting in San Diego, then to Austin, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, New York and finally Boston. If you're in a position to host or help make the tour happen, please get in touch! We can make some amazing shit happen.