Why I create collective healing spaces

A brilliant article by Dr. Shawn Ginwright posted on May 31 on Medium just validated so much of the work I'm doing: 

The Future of Healing: Shifting From Trauma Informed Care to Healing Centered Engagement

Shawn Ginwright Ph.D.

In every women's workshop there is a moment where I say that the personal growth mantra of individual change is kinda bullshit. It's gaslighting. We cannot fix the sociological problems of gender based violence with individual psychological solutions. The people harmed are not the problem. The systems that harm us are.

If trauma is collectively experienced, this means that we also have to consider the environmental context that caused the harm in the first place. By only treating the individual we only address half of the equation leaving the toxic systems, policies and practices neatly intact. - Dr. Ginwright

This essay is brilliant, accurate and very much needed. Please give it a read.