Working with Airial has completely transformed our team. We have more clarity and equity than we’ve ever had, and it has freed up so much energy to be directed towards what really matters, leaving us all more satisfied and connected in our work experience. Her work is both laser focused, just the kind of fire we needed, and yet absolutely supportive and compassionate.

If you have a team where there are some dynamics around equity, privilege and power, and you know they’re going on but you can’t quite articulate them or put your finger on them, or you don’t know how to bring them to your leadership... You’ve found the right person! As a leader, it can be hard to see how I contributed to my own team’s pitfalls, but she held us all with so much compassion, and helped us see how the work we were doing to be more clear and just with each other would ultimately make our jobs easier.
— Mazin Jamal, Founder

In addition to small business consulting and organizational development, I provide skill building experiences for both leaders and teams so that they have greater capacity for empathy and attunement. All companies and organizations need to have an intersectional approach to staffing customer service and client fulfillment... the question is how.

I have found that supporting leadership teams in developing accurate empathy and social attunement leads to intersectional solidarity. The practical application of intersectional solidarity in professional settings supports a reframing of potential crisis moments to moments of practical collaboration based on mutual understanding. 

Airial taught me to own my capacity to lead, gave me the chance to develop my leadership skills and connected me to powerful females. Working with her has been insightful and inspiring!
— Nasiem Sanjideh, Small Business Owner
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I work with community leaders, executives and entrepreneurs to:

  • Create anti-racist and anti-sexist codes of conduct.

  • Establish accountability procedures so that you stay accountable to your values, your clients, and your community.

  • Solve difficult problems that inevitably come up when you're in uncharted territory.

  • Develop an equity strategy for recruitment and retention of diverse employees and leadership.

  • Create qualitative and quantitative feedback forms for useful analysis.

  • Facilitate intensives and group trainings for leadership and staff.

  • Develop inclusive communications strategies across multiple platforms.

With Airial’s mentorship, I have been able to create the possibility of authentic leadership, wisdom, and confidence in my career. And have gained a deep understanding of the paradigm shifts needed to dismantle systems of oppression and how to take personal action towards justice.
Airial’s method of teaching is powerful. She holds her clients in the highest regard, and wants only the best for them. She has personally empowered me to move mountains of self-doubt and internalized sexism. I feel confident in how competent and adept I am to effect positive change, to be kind, and to impact the world as a person of integrity.
— Sile Bao, Cohort Lead


Accountability and equity need to be everyone's priority. 


I believe we can protect and maintain each other's dignity while we do the work. From running my own small business to leading long-term training intensives, I bring an intersectional approach to supporting clients and communities. We all deserve structures that are ethical and accountable, where all parties experience respect at every level of interaction and exchange. 



When I work with Airial, the box that I’ve constructed or myself out of fear becomes visible. For a minute I can see the glowing cage my mind has formed out of self doubt and insecurity, and on the other side is Airial - encouraging me to step out of my self-imposed cage and see the world more clearly. Working with Airial means having her ferocity, compassion, and no bullshit attitude in your corner to help you be as big as you are meant to be.
— Tessa Levine, Community Organizer
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Together, we can co-create strategies and practices that you can implement right away and you'll know you have someone who has your back.  There's a lot to be done, and you probably could use a hand with it.